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Dorothy Dreslin’s Moment In The Sun


Albany girl Dorothy Dreslin sang with local dance bands in the early 1930’s.

By 1935, she had feature shows on WGY and WABY. In 1936 she was featured vocalist on a Brunswick record with with Dick McDonough & His Orchestra (hear it by clicking on the link beneath the record label).


Dorothy Dreslin sings “Stars In My Eyes”

The next year, she was hired by the NBC Radio Network as a staff artist, and given a spotlight on the weekly “Hammerstein’s Music Hall” program. 1937-1938 were the high water mark of her radio career.


Executives from Warner Brothers heard Miss Dreslin on her NBC Magic Melodies program, and met with her to discuss a series of motion picture shorts. Unfortunately, nothing came of this.


I couldn’t find any information on the soprano’s doings in the wartime years, but I assume she remained active in radio entertainment.

Dreslin returned to Albany in 1945, and was soon hired to manage the record department at Arnoldy Music.dreslin5

In 1950, Dorothy Dreslin opened a vocal training studio which she operated for over two decades, coaching many “Teen Age Barn” regulars.dreslin6

The trail runs cold there. I couldn’t find an obituary. Any more information would be much appreciated.dreslin7


2 Responses to “Dorothy Dreslin’s Moment In The Sun”

  1. Patrick Olesko

    I studied voice with Dorothy Dreslin in the early seventies. She would occasionally bring out shoeboxes of fan letters and read them aloud. There was also a parakeet that had the freedom of flight in her apartment. She was an excellent teacher. A friend of my parents from Normanside country club, she’d come to the house for parties. She passed from a heat attack in her apartment while watching Nixon deliver a speech. Jap915@hotmail.com.

  2. Paul Lindemeyer

    Dorothy is featured on a 12″ Victor record medley “Sigmund Romberg Presents ‘Forbidden Melody,'” conducted by Leonard Joy in 1936. This is a rare record, as the show was a turkey (good music tho), and may have been a promotional piece not for public sale.


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